NV Fitz-Ritter Sekt Extra Trocken Pfalz

“Spiced citrus and fizz...”

NV Fitz-Ritter Sekt Extra Trocken Pfalz

A Charmat-method wine, a bagatelle. It’s 100 percent Riesling, aged fifteen to eighteen months on the lees in pressurized tank prior to bottling. The acidity is complete (TA 7.7 g/L), making the residual sugar (17 g) a wise measure. Tangy with spiced citrus fruit—Mandarin orange, Clementine, tangerine—it has a modicum of bready body from the lees aging and a faint suggestion of wet stone. Its sharp initial attack soon fizzes into a fine pearlescence.

Overall a tangy, citric wine that needs food that’s salty and rich and crispy.

13% abv | $20 (sample) | Imported by Winesellers, Ltd.

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