King Estate Pinot Gris: Clear Skies

King Estate
Signature Collection Oregon Pinot Gris

Sweet and light, like a sunny spring day. This wine is nearly colorless, with a nose like almond flowers and daffodils. It's smooth, even, and well-balanced. Lovely.

Price: $17 (sale; regular price about $20)

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  • Unrelated to this post – I recently picked up a copy of Andrew Carmellini’s cookbook, Urban Italian. In it a recipe for pasta with grapes macerated in red wine with sausage. It needed some slight tweeking to suit my palate but was otherwise excellent and was enjoyed with a fabulous wine called Saldo, by Orin Swift…a blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Sirah. I think you might enjoy it, given what I have read on your blog…

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